Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you with any questions concerning your contract or your order. In order to provide you with quick help, you will find the most frequently asked service questions in the following section. If you need further assistance on these topics or if you have any other questions, please contact us by telephone during the given opening hours or via e-mail at Alternatively, you may also use our Contact Form.

A) General Questions

1. Is my device insured?

The devices ordered by you are not insured via dedicom or the Employee PC Program. If you selected either the Telcoland "Schutzschirm"-Warranty (orders until 30.09.2017) or the BYTECLUB device protection / BYTECLUB device protection PREMIUM (orders from 01.10.2017), breakage, fall and water damage (in case of Premium also theft and robbery) are insured by our service partner Smart Support (excluding intent or gross negligence).

2. What is the difference between "Garantieverlängerung" (warranty extension) and "Schutzschirm" (Telcoland) / BYTECLUB device protection?

The "Garantieverlängerung" (warranty extension) PDF does not cover mechanical damages. Read the terms & conditions for further information.

The "Schutzschirm" (PDF) / BYTECLUB Device Protection (PDF) covers damages within the manufacturer's warranty as well as breakage, fall and water damage. The device protection Premium also covers theft and robbery. You will find the terms & conditions for the processing in the following document: Device Protection (PDF)

3. Is it possible to return the device after receipt if I don’t like it?

Your order within the Employee PC Program is an addition to your employment contract and is not the same as a consumer online purchase with the right of revocation. These guidelines apply exclusively to online purchases. The Employee Purchase Program is not part of these guidelines, since this is not a purchase transaction. We regret that we cannot offer to return the product if you don’t like it.

4. What is the difference between "Garantie" (vendor warranty) and "Gewährleistung" (legal warranty)?

The "Garantie" (vendor warranty) is a voluntary and customisable service of a manufacturer for the customer (promise of durability or function) in addition to the legal warranty obligation. The warranty promise usually refers to the functionality of certain parts (or the complete device) for a certain period. In case of "Garantie" (vendor warranty) the condition of the device at the time of delivery to the customer is of no importance as the functionality is guaranteed for the period.

The "Gewährleistung" (legal warranty) describes the legal consequences and legal claims that the buyer has under a purchase agreement in which the seller has delivered defective goods. "Gewährleistung" (legal warranty) means that the seller warrants that the goods sold are free of material defects and defects of title at the time of delivery. The statutory warranty period for new devices is 24 months and can be reduced up to 12 months in case of used goods. The rights of the buyer in case of defects are stated in § 437 BGB. The supplementary performance is the primary right.

Dedicom voluntarily offers the employee the warranty claims from applicable law in respect to material defects with regard to purchase transactions. Thus, the resulting applicable legal bases can be applied.

B) Questions regarding Delivery

5. When can I expect the delivery?

Our goal is to deliver your order as quickly as possible. We ask for your understanding that manufacturer availability (especially with new product releases) or the release process of your order by your employer can delay the delivery time. The complete delivery of the devices you ordered is carried out no later than the start of the deferred compensation by your employer.

As soon as your products are in transit, you will be receive a delivery note via email.

6. How will the order be delivered during my absence?

If you have neither received the goods nor any shipping notice 2-3 working days prior to your planned absence, we ask you to give us written notice regarding your preferred delivery time.

Delivery not before a certain date can be communicated to the warehouse without problems. A restricted appointment window however cannot be guaranteed as both availability of products and the release process are variable.

Please advise us of your time of absence or a private alternative delivery address on or by using the contact form.

7. What do I need to do in case my delivered package is damaged and I am within the DOA deadline? (6 calendar days + 1 day processing time)

Please inform us immediately after receipt of the damaged package (ideally send a picture by mail for damage regulation). We will contact you as soon as possible regarding further steps.

8. What do I need to do if I am beyond above mentioned deadline for delivery damages?

Beyond the deadline we cannot guarantee a new device exchange. In this case the respective guidelines of the manufacturer take effect, how the damage will be handled. Therefore communication of the damage as quickly as possible is recommended. Please either use or the contact form.

C) Questions regarding Claims Handling or Complaints

9. My device is not working. Whom should I contact?

Please feel free to contact our customer service team at any time. You can reach us at or via our contact form.

In case of a guarantee issue (no mechanical damages resulting from breakage, fall or water damage), you may claim the respective warranty of the manufacturer. The current warranty timeframes can be found under the heading "manufacturer support".

Does your order include a 24-month warranty extension? (Apple mobile devices)

Yes: After the twelve-month manufacturer warranty expires, our Apple service partner Smart Support handles the processing of any warranty claims. Please use the following contact form: You can also reach Smart Support by phone on +49 40 790273273-0 or by email at

No: Warranty claims can only be handled by the manufacturer. Our customer service team will be glad to assist you with the handling and any open questions.

10. My device was stolen / I lost it. What do I do?

The Employee PC Program does not cover insurance in the case of loss or theft. Please check to what extent your insurance (liability / household or similar) covers any damage, since it is a leased object and the device is not your property but the property of the leasing company.

Please contact our service department at 089-416141499 or at for further processing and the necessary documentation.

11. I need an invoice. How do I get it?

Since the device is not your property, but is leased for your use, you have not received a purchase invoice at the beginning of the leasing period. Please contact our Customer Service team which will send you a pro-forma invoice as soon as possible.

D) Questions regarding End of the Leasing Period / Purchase Option

12. Can I terminate the leasing contract before the end of the lease date?

The leasing contract within the Employee Purchase Program can only be terminated prior to the end of lease date under certain conditions, the main reason being the end of your employment contract. If this is the case, please inform your personnel department that you want to purchase the equipment. For further possible reasons for termination please refer to your agreement with your employer.

13. My employment contract is ending, who do I contact?

If you already have an official confirmation from your employer regarding your termination of employment, please do not hesitate to contact us at or via telephone: 089-416141497. In case of termination of employment we will also be informed by your employer, so we can contact you regarding the termination of the lease contract.

If your leasing contract ends regularly dedicom will send you an email in time (about two months before the end of the contract) with an invitation to the end-of-lease equipment purchase shop. After successful login, you can make your decision regarding purchase or return via the shop. In the case of return you will receive all necessary information on how to return the equipment in time before the end of the contract.

14. I cannot log into the end-of-lease Equipment Purchase Shop any more as I forgot my password?

Please contact our Customer Service team at or call 089-416141497 in order to receive a new invitation.