Warranty Extensions and Additional Services

In general your devices have a basic manufacturer's warranty of 24 months from the date of receipt. We offer a warranty extension for individual device types which do not comply with this standard. These respective services are only valid if the warranty extension was included within the order placed.

Supplementary accessories for main devices such as headphones, docking stations and similar, have a warranty period of only 12 months. An add-on warranty extension chosen within the scope of the order exclusively covers your main device (e.g., the warranty extension for Apple Mobile Devices via Smart Support).

In this space we are happy to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions especially concerning additional services chosen when you placed your order.

General Information

1. Invoice/Delivery Note

Your delivery note serves as a pro-forma invoice and proof of ownership.

2. Registration of your Additional Services:

Please register your additional services independently within the specified period, otherwise warranty coverage will not be guaranteed.

Dedicom proactively registers the following additional services for you:

  • BYTECLUB warranty extensions (to 24 and 36 months), device-/mobile protection and device-/mobile protection PREMIUM
  • DELL warranty extension to 27 months
  • HP Warranty extension to 36 months
  • Acer Warranty extension to 36 months
3. Warranty on Wear-and-tear Parts:

Irrespectively of the warranty period indicated for the main device a limited warranty period of 6 months is generally granted for wear-and-tear parts such as batteries.

4. Data Backup during Repair:

It is not always possible to keep all data on your device. In addition to error-induced limitations, data backup is also subject to technological limits. We therefore recommend periodic backups of your most important data.

Warranty Extensions

We are currently offering the following warranty extensions:
Smartphones / Tablets / WatchesWarranty extension to 24 months via BYTECLUB (former Telcoland)

Apple Care Protection Plan to 36 months (manufacturer's warranty extension) (for orders until 30.06.2018)

Warranty extension to 36 months for PC and Notebook (for orders from 01.10.2018)

Acer ChromeboxWarranty extension to 36 months (Acer Advantage)
Acer Veriton AIOWarranty extension to 36 months(Acer Advantage)
XPS DesktopDell warranty extension to 27 months (Collect and Return)
XPS NotebookDell warranty extension to 24 months Next Business Day
Yoga Book & MiixLenovo warranty extension to 24 months P&R for Yoga Book & Miix
ThinkpadLenovo warranty extension to 24 months on-site Think Pad
Thinkpad 13 2nd GenLenovo Services ThinkPad 13 waranty extension to 24 months (PickUp & Return)
Thinkpad 13Lenovo Services ThinkPad 13 waranty extension to 24 months (PickUp & Return)
Think Pad YogaLenovo Services ThinkPad Yoga & X1 waranty extension to 24 months (PickUp & Return)
HP ProBook 450, HP ProBook 470Warranty extension to 36 months (CarePack)
Devices with manufacturer's extended standard warranty:
Think Pad X136 months
monitors36 months
monitors36 months
Eizo:60 months

Additional Services provided by BYTECLUB (former Telcoland)

All BYTECLUB additional services are proactively registered by dedicom. The carrying out service provider is Smart Support GmbH.

Contact data for Smart Support GmbH:

Link to the Online Form:

Telephone No.:

Email address:

Important - Please Note:

Make sure that your „iPhone/iPad Search" is disabled before you return the device, otherwise further processing will not be possible. You may do it either directly on your device or alternatively online via your iCloud (PDF-Instructions).

1. BYTECLUB Additional Services

BYTECLUB Warranty extension up to 24m f. phones, tablets a. watches*

* valid for orders from 01.10.2019

BYTECLUB Device-/Mobile-Protection

BYTECLUB Device-/Mobile-Protection Premium

(for orders from 01.10.2017)

2. BYTECLUB Warranty Extension for PC and Notebook to 36 months

Link to the PDF:
(for orders from 01.10.2018)

Registration of Additional Services

1. DELL Warranty Extension to 27 months
  • Registration is done by dedicom
  • Claim resp. processing via the manufacturer
2. Lenovo Warranty Extension to 24 months
  • Registration is done by dedicom
  • Claim resp. processing via dedicom
3. Apple Care Protection Plan for 36 months (registration through the employee)
  • Registration is done by you
  • Claim resp. processing through the manufacturer
4. Employer-Related Warranty Service
  • Please contact your employer regarding activation of the warranty.
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