Manufacturer Support for Warranty Claims

If you are within the manufacturer's warranty period you may deal directly with the respective customer support regarding complaints and damages covered by the warranty agreement. In general this will secure the quickest resolution to your issue.

We are also happy to help with the processing of warranty services, but due to several dispatch routes in general the processing time will increase to 4-6 working days.

Please find in the following contact information for all manufacturers which are included in the employee PC program. We make every effort to keep all contact data of manufacturers and service partners up-to-date. However, if you should discover the need for making modifications, we would appreciate your input.

Manufacturer Overview

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Service Contact Additional Information

Apple Support Hotline:
Tel: 0800-6645-451
Manufacturer Support Page

Smart Support
Tel: 040 790 291 919 80

Please use the Smart Support-Online-Form to place a service request and to get a free return label.

Apple iPad & iPhone Device-/Mobile-Protection (also Premium)
Within the MPP Apple devices may be bundled with a device or mobile protection (premium) within your order, at additional cost. BYTECLUB GmbH (formerly Telcoland) is an authorized service partner of Apple. The handling of claims is carried out exclusively by Smart Support GmbH.

Apple iPad & iPhone Warranty Extension:
  • 24 months manufacturer's warranty
  • dedicom automatically carries out the registration with BYTECLUB
AppleCare Protection Plan (for orders before 30.09.2018):BYTECLUB Warranty Extension for PC und Notebook to 36 months (for orders from 01.10.2018):
  • Claims technician Smart Support
  • Warranty extension to 36 months
  • dedicom automatically carries out the registration with BYTECLUB

Acer Support Hotline
Tel: 04102 7069 111
Manufacturer Support Page

Serial-number dependent individual warranty check through the manufacturer.


Asus Support Hotline
Tel: +49 2102 578 95 57
Manufacturer Support Page


Belkin Support Hotline
Tel: 069 99 99 15682
Monday - Friday: 12:00pm – 08:00pm
Manufacturer's support page


Bose Support Hotline
Tel: 069-667786790
Manufacturer Support Page


Buffalo Support Hotline
Tel: 01806000024*
Manufacturer Support Page


Canon Support Hotline
Tel: 069 - 29 99 36 80
Manufacturer Support Page


CAT Support Hotline
Tel: 0234 - 97 84 90 27
Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm


Dell pick-up and repair service
Tel: 0699 792 7230
Manufacturer Support Page


Eaton Support Hotline
Tel: 069 - 517 09 895


incl. on-site exchange service

Manufacturer Repair/Service Page

The EIZO on-site exchange service is carried out by:
Oststraße 71
22844 Norderstedt

Please contact our free Service-Hotline:
0800 3496737
Opening Hours:
Mon. to Fri. 8.00am to 4.30pm


FAIRPHONE Support Hotline
Tel: +31 20 788 4400
Manufacturer's support page


Garmin Support Hotline
Tel: 089 - 858364880
Manufacturer's support page


Hewlett Packard Support Hotline
Tel: 069 - 380789060
Manufacturer Support Page


Manufacturer Support Page


Huawei Support Hotline
Tel: 0800 77 886633
Manufacturer Support Page


iiyama Support Hotline
Tel: 08165-9804450*
Manufacturer Support Page
Manufacturer Service Form


Jabra Support Hotline
Tel: 0800-180-8999
Manufacturer Support Page


JBL Support Hotline
Tel: +49 3022957806
Manufacturer Support Page


In case of a warranty or damage claim please contact us directly via the Contact Form.


LG Support Hotline
Tel: 01806-115411
(landline: 20ct/min DATG; mobile: max. 60ct/per call)
Manufacturer Support Page

LG Displays

Microsoft Hardware
Tel: 01806 67 22 55*
Manufacturer Support Page

Extended Service Plan
Please register your Surface here

Msi Support Hotline
Tel: 069 408 93 120
Manufacturer Support Page

Warranty period for accessories (batteries) 12 months.

QNAP Support Hotline
Tel: 0900-1845678*
Manufacturer Support Page


Ruggear Support Hotline
Tel: +49 9343 601 48 – 40


Samsung Support direct:
Mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, printers:
Manufacturer Support Page

Service Partner mobile devices: GmbH
Tel: 03722 713 31 71

Service Partner Printers:
Transimex Service GmbH
Tel: 04421 - 70 72 250

Service Partner for Notebooks:
W+W House of Notebooks
Tel: 089 552 53 80

Manufacturer Warranty Period:
24 months for displays, smartphones and tablets
36 months for printers (PLU series)

Seagate Support Hotline
Tel: 0800 724 19 23
Manufacturer Support Page

Serial-number dependent individual warranty check through the manufacturer.


Sennheiser Support Hotline
Tel: 039203/72787
Manufacturer Support Page


Sony Support Hotline
Tel: +49 (0)211 561 50588*
Manufacturer Support Page


Synology Support Hotline
Tel: 0211 966 69666
Manufacturer Support Page


Toshiba Support Hotline
Tel: 02131-5240 400
Manufacturer Support Page


Viewsonic Technical Support
Tel: 0800 - 77722202
Manufacturer's support page

Western Digital

Western Digital Support:

Telephone Support: 00800- 27549338
Mon-Thu 09.00am - 7.00pm
Fri 09.00am - 5.00pm


Xiaomi Support Hotline
Monday - Friday: 08:00am - 08:00pm
Saturday: 09:00am - 06:00pm
Tel: 0800 - 223 11 44


Sony Mobile Service
Tel: +49 (0)211 561 50588*
Manufacturer Support Page

Servicepartner: GmbH
Support Tel: 03722-7133 171

Sony Xperia SelfSupport (PDF)

Xtorm Support
Tel: +31(0)306354800
Manufacturer Support Page

Only Dutch contact page

* Please note that this is a pay phone number.
Please consult the manufacturer's website for cost details.

Latest Update: May 2020